The Volunteer Association of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts was founded in 1948. Throughout its long history, the Association's contribution to the Museum's collection and overall development has been truly remarkable.

The Volunteer Association has remained true to its objectives: to foster and promote Montrealer's interest in the Museum while raising funds to support its growth and development.

Each year, the Volunteer Association donates close to a million dollars to the Museum. This gift comes from the many fund-raising activities the Association organizes, such as the Museum Ball, the Benefit Soirées at the Museum, cultural trips, day tours and luncheon lectures on art-related topics.

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On June 11, Nathalie Bondil, Museum Director and Chief Curator received a generous $ 1,000,000 cheque from the Museum's Volunteer Association for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. The donation was presented by Linda Greenberg and Alexandra MacDougall, Co-presidents of the Volunteer Association.

These funds will be put towards financing the presentation of the exhibition Chihuly and Splendore a Venezia,the publication of the catalogues Splendore a Venezia and Peter Doig, the re-edition of the Collections Guide, educational progrmming, as well as the acquisition of artworks and the purchase of audioguides. Many thanks to all those who support the Association's activities and help make such a gift possible.