The MMFA's Boutique and Bookstore

The MMFA's Boutique and Bookstore offers a wide selection of original, high-quality gift ideas from a variety of countries, at prices for every budget. There are beautiful items for your home and table, as well as sculptures, textiles, jewellery and contemporary creations. Many of these pieces come from Africa, Asia and South America, and echo the diversity of the Museum's collection or current exhibitions. The MMFA's Boutique features objects with a clear connection to art and design, with particular emphasis on the creations of Quebec artists and artisans.

A section of educational toys attests to the Museum's educational mission. New items inspired by the Museum's collection are also available. In addition, the Bookstore boasts a number of publications produce by the Museum's Publishing Department (with more than 200 titles to its credit) as well as new art book covering the full spectrum of the MMFA's encyclopedic collection.

M Boutique and Bookstore
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