Carte blanche to Nicole Lizée: Musical Films

Films Arte Musica

7 p.m. - Free admission
Presentation of musical films by Nicole Lizée, composer, as part of the concert Carte blanche to Nicole Lizée, which will be held in Bourgie Hall on the same day at 9 p.m.
Germany/Canada, F. W. Murnau/Kara Blake, 2011, 5 min.
Canada, Kara Blake, 2011, 4 min.
Bookburners (excerpts)
Canada, Ian Cameron, 2012, 9 min.
Arcadiac (excerpts)
Canada, Nicole Lizée, 2005, 4 min.
This Heat (from KARAppo OKEsutura)
Canada, Kara Blake, 2006, 4 min.
Hitchcock études (excerpts)
England/Canada, Alfred Hitchcock/Nicole Lizée, 2010, 13 min.
Kubrick études (excerpts)
USA/Canada, Stanley Kubrick/Nicole Lizée, 2013, 14 min.
Behind the Sound of Music (excerpts)
USA/Canada, Nicole Lizée/Robert Wise, 2014, 7 min.


Language(s) : French

Location :
Maxwell-Cummings Auditorium

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