Comics at the Museum
15 artists from La Pastèque reinterpret the collection

November 6, 2013, to March 30, 2014
Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavilion - Level 3
Free admission at all times

To mark the fifteenth anniversary of the publishing house La Pastèque, the Museum is presenting an original, playful exhibition featuring fifteen cartoonists who have contributed to the success of the company over the years: Isabelle Arsenault, Pascal Blanchet, Paul Bordeleau, Pascal Colpron, Cyril Doisneau, Patrick Doyon, Jean-Paul Eid, Pascal Girard, Real Godbout, Janice Nadeau, Michel Rabagliati, Marc Simard, Remy Simard, Siris and Leif Tande. Following a Museum visit and database research, they each chose a work from the Museum's collection and then created an original panel based on their choice.

The illustrators' selections are varied. The exhibition features works by Joan Miró, Marc-Aurèle Fortin and Serge Lemoyne, decorative art objects such as a chair and a metro turnstile, as well as contemporary sculptures and works of art. The artwork from the

Museum's collection and the panel it inspired are presented side by side, to give visitors an opportunity to appreciate the result of this association, which is in turn surprising, mysterious and even hilarious! Photographs, videos and interviews reveal the illustrators' creative process. The exhibition also highlights the publisher's editorial excellence sustained since its founding, with displays of layouts, covers, illustrations and photographs. Later, it will be accompanied by an original book, a souvenir album of the exhibition and of the first fifteen years of the company. In addition to featuring previously unpublished works by the artist illustrators exhibited at the Museum, this volume will celebrate La Pastèque's fifteen years of publishing with archival material and essays by experts.

About this original collaboration, Frédéric Gauthier, president of La Pastèque, has commented, "We are very proud to celebrate our fifteenth anniversary with an exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, a landmark event in the history of Quebec comics. Our art has waited a long time for this kind of recognition, and now it is becoming a reality on a grand scale."

Museum Director and Chief Curator Nathalie Bondil adds, "Illustration is undeniably important. It serves as a catalyst for reading, as a learning tool for vocabulary acquisition, and whets the appetite for the text… By giving free rein to this new initiative and to the creative talent of this crowning jewel of the publishing industry, the Museum seeks to reflect the achievement of Quebec writers and illustrators." Let the illustrators' panels provide a fresh, fun perspective on the Museum's works of art!

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