Already,year two!

Since the very first notes resounded in Bourgie Hall in September 2011, a magnificent year has elapsed, an inaugural year far beyond our wildest imaginings. In just a single year, Bourgie Hall has become an integral part of the city's musical landscape, as though it has always existed.

You have responded in great numbers, letting us know the degree to which you feel at home in this new hall, and how beautiful, pleasant and well-suited the space is to concert-going. And you have demonstrated your commitment, returning month after month, even being so adventurous as to attend concerts that were somewhat out of the ordinary.

Moved by your enthusiasm, as well as pleased and motivated by it, we are proud to present the brochure for the 2012-2013 season.

Diversity remains our motto! New series have been added to enhance last year's roster: the "Tiffany Concerts," "Consonance and Dissonance" and, to provide young musicians on the threshold of their careers with a unique musical experience, "Youth and Pros".

To complement the Museum's programming, the fall and early winter months are devoted to music from France, including "Spotlight on Debussy," while the lively rhythms of Latin American music will heat up the month of February, staying until June.

In addition, always mindful of ensuring access to the greatest number, this year we are offering a 10% discount when you buy tickets for three to five concerts at the same time, and a 20% discount for six or more concerts. The Museum's VIP members will still enjoy a 15% discount on all our concerts. Why not take advantage?

Last but not least, true to our mission, we are also presenting dozens of free lectures and films; please consult the Museum's Cultural Activities brochure for full details. You can also subscribe to the Museum's e-newsletter to be the first to find out about all our activities.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts' Bourgie Hall.

Isolde Lagacé
General and Artistic Director
The Arte Musica Foundation