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Duration : 1h 30
Graupner percutant pour l’Avent et Noël – Les Idées Heureuses

Lead by Geneviève Soly, Les Idées heureuses has been recognized for the revival of Graupner’s music, as well as for the inspiration that she has brought forth together with peers musicians of great talent.


Geneviève Soly, organ and continuo, musical codirection
Andréanne Paquin-Brisson, Odéi Bilodeau, soprano
Claudine Ledoux, alto
Arthur Tanguay-Labrosse, tenor
Clayton Kennedy, bass
Pierre-Antoine Tremblay, natural horn & musical codirection
Matthias Soly-Letarte, timpani


Cantate Die Nacht ist vergangen for the First Sunday of Advent 1722 , for 2 sopranos, A-T-B, solo horn, 2 oboes, strings & continuo (harpsichord & organ) (GWV 1101/22) : Dictum, Chœur – Récit S – Aria S et cordes – Récit B – Chœur – Récit T – Choral

Cantate Jesus ist und bleibt mein Leben for the third day of Christmas 1712, Soprano – Bass , 2 oboes, 2 horns, strings & continuo (organ) (GWV 1107/12) : Aria S – Récit B – Aria S – Récit B – Duett

Sinfonia 2 horns, 6 timpani, strings & continuo (Harpsichird) in F Major (GWV 566) : Vivace – Air, Largo et piano – Menuet – Air, Andante – Gigue

Motet Wie bald hast du gelitten for the first day of january – S A T B , strings & continuo (harpsichord & organ)