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Duration : 5h
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Le Monde Festival

Comment garantir une plus grande égalité entre les territoires ?

10.30 a.m. to 12 p.m. – Bourgie Hall



The past year in France has been punctuated by the Yellow Vest uprisings, a spontaneous social movement that sparked demonstrations against rising fuel taxes across rural, suburban and metropolitan areas, which then blossomed into various political and social protests. In Quebec, inequalities in economic development are also pitting urban centres and rural regions against each other. How can we ease these frictions and achieve greater equity nationwide?

Moderator: Christian Roux

Speakers: Claudine Roy, Ben Marc Diendéré, Alexandre Cusson, Xavier Bertrand, Jacques Lévy


Urgence climatique : faut-il instaurer une dictature environnementale?

12.30 to 2 p.m. – Bourgie Hall



The debate on climate change is pervasive and rouses diverse convictions. Some see it as damning evidence of the political class’s inability to think long-term to stem the catastrophe at hand. Others want to sound the alarm to trigger the awakening that’s needed to slow the race for economic growth and consumerism that are putting the planet under strain. Negative growth, civil disobedience, veganism… these radical alternatives are finding resonance in our civil societies. Faced with a paralyzed democratic machine, should authoritarian and unpopular measures be imposed in order to have a hope of managing the ecological emergency? 

Moderator: Simon Roger

Speakers: Catherine Gauthier, Dominic Champagne, Patrick Bonin, Dominique Bourg


Rap et hip-hop réinventent et bouleversent les codes linguistiques

2.30 to 3.30 p.m. – Bourgie Hall



As their music gains in popularity all over the world, rappers and hip-hop artists are composing new linguistic codes, blending languages, and tearing down prejudices and borders. Is this powerful vector of innovation – this way of playing with language in music – having an influence on people’s everyday way of speaking? Do we have to break down the linguistic “standards” in order to create an innovation breakthrough?

Moderator: Manon Dumas


Speakers: Aly Ndiaye, Ogden Ridjanovic