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Meeting point : Maxwell-Cummings Auditorium – 1379-A Sherbrooke Street West
Duration : 1h 30
In French
Lectures, In connection with : Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives
Les normes sociales, de l’Égypte ancienne à l’Égypte contemporaine

Lecture by Rachad Antonius, Professor of Sociology, UQAM, and Jean Revez, Professor of History, UQAM.

We will attempt to make a connection between the popular culture and social values of ancient Egypt and those of the country today. From the autobiographies inscribed on the tombs of wealthy private citizens and edifying texts (wisdom and teachings) written by eminent scribes of ancient Egypt, a certain understanding emerges of the ancients’ “art of daily living,” in which good conduct is defined in terms of moderation, solidarity, social cohesion and respect of the established order. Contemporary culture is a combination of three normative systems: the rural system inherited from ancient Egypt, the tribal system inherited from the Arab conquest and the urban system, which also has ancient roots. These three systems structure social relationships in daily life. To this must be added the failings of the contemporary State, which force people to adapt their values to the constraints that result from these failings.  Although the norms for each of these two eras are anchored in very specific contexts, can we nonetheless detect a certain continuity in the main values promoted in the past and the present?

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