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Meeting point : Maxwell-Cummings Auditorium – 1379A Sherbrooke Street West
Duration : 1h 30
In French
Preview Days, In connection with : Arts of One World
Que serait une esthétique du Tout-Monde ?

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In French

Lecture given by Raphaël Lauro, PhD (Université Paris X-Nanterre) and professor at the Université de Montréal.

Poet and thinker, novelist and playwright Édouard Glissant (1928-2011) took a very early interest in the arts, depictions and other tangible manifestations of the imagination. In addition to numerous catalogue entries – written in the 1950s for exhibitions of South American artists presented in Paris by the Galerie du Dragon (Lam, Matta, Cárdenas, Gamarra, Zañartu) – his theoretical works explore aesthetics, notably Une nouvelle région du monde (2006), an essay in which the author of the novel Tout-monde (1993) set outs to define “a treatise on difference that would sum up any aesthetics as imbroglio-negro.”

Reflecting the resolutely tremulous, obscure, tangled and inextricable nature of his thought process, Glissant expresses, through a series of accumulations and detours, his “intuitions” and “assumptions” about a world perceived as consisting “ultimately and entirely of all manner of diversity,” in other words, as the totality of differences that come into contact and interact. Through his assertions, there emerges a philosophy of One World, “which we enter” yet which, he cautions, remains to be discovered, understood and realized, raising the question of an imagined, hypothetical future: what would the aesthetics of One World look like?

For the opening of the MMFA’s new wing dedicated to the Arts of One World, this lecture will examine the progression of Glissant’s views on aesthetics and explore some viewpoints that emerge from such a relational philosophy of differences.

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