Dates :
Meeting point : Groups entrance – 2200 Crescent Street
Duration : 2h
Cinéma du Musée
The Woman Power – Demystifying Afro-Quebecois art

Attend an honest, open conversation between Afro-Quebecois artists on the representation of Black culture and arts and their role in public spaces. The collective Never Was Average will moderate the discussion, using a work by Jean-Michel Basquiat as a starting point and ending with a panel discussion that will be open to all. A new generation of Quebec’s Afro-descendant artists is ready to share their essence, culture and stories through their art.

This discussion will be filmed and photographed by Never Was Average.

Guests :
Keish: Keish is a visual artist whose pieces consist of acrylic and oil paint on canvas. 

Chivengi : Chivengi is a queer (gender non conforming/non-binary) Haitian experimental R&B musician and performer who works with sound, dance and visuals.

Free entrance with a pass (45 places) –SOLD OUT