Shay Saheli

Shay Salehi is fascinated with the physical properties of materials and testing their limits. In Constructed Bowl from her series “Pâte de verre,” Salehi begins with the form of a decorative bowl and, by playing with the elements of line, texture, colour and negative space, she creates a sculptural object whose bold colour gradients and rough, uneven edge treatments evoke a threedimensional colour field landscape. While the form of Constructed Bowl befits the functional object it is named after, crater-like openings in the sides of the piece impede it from fulfilling its purpose. Instead, the bowl performs like a sculpture that requires the viewer to move around it in order to experience the myriad shifting perspectives that appear like a changing landscape. In so doing, Salehi eschews the expected properties of glass: “I fuse the glass into these pure and simple forms while playing with negative space. The lips on the pieces are rough, uncontrolled and extremely fragile. This series of works does not display the well-known properties of glass… at first glance, one might not even consider it to be made from glass.1


  1. Correspondence with Shay Salehi, March 12 to 14, 2018.

Ill. 1
Shay Salehi (born in 1993), Constructed Bowl, From the series “Pâte de verre”, 2016, Pâte de verre, pigments, 37 x 37 x 21 cm. MMFA, purchase, T. R. Meighen Family Fund