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CFS presents: You only live twice







65 and up
Young adults

Type of activity

Cinéma du Musée


In Person
Sunday June 12, 2022 at 07:00 pm

Original English version.


Guest speakers: Edgar Chaput and Mathieu Auclair are podcast hosts for The James Bond Complex. Two 007 aficionados located in Montreal, they go through the Fleming novels, the film adaptations, and much much more. With its reviews, anecdotes and behind-the-scenes secrets, you've never been debriefed on Bond's famous missions like you have with The James Bond Complex!

35mm film.

You only live twice, or so it seems… dispatched onto a remote Japanese volcanic island on the search for the perpetrators of a missing spacecraft, Sean Connery returns as everyone’s favourite 007 agent, James Bond, here for a fifth time. Sumo wrestling, trap doors, high tech gadgets in flying machines, stolen documents, it’s all the intrigue and action you want and expect from the legendary Ian Fleming character, and all the more fun (surprising and impressive too!) when you realize it’s scripted by beloved children’s author Roald Dahl (Fantastic Mr. Fox, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, The Witches and Matilda are among his literary works)

Matching Connery’s on-screen charisma is Donald Pleasance as the disfigured super-villain 'Blofeld' with his long haired lap cat. It’s impossible to go wrong with Nancy Sinatra’s main theme song, highlighting the lush and luxurious side of 1967. We also offer the luxury of projecting a vintage Technicolor 35mm print in Cinemascope. Your chances of experiencing this anywhere else is roughly .007%. ‘‘We’ll be waiting for you, Mr. Bond…’’

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