In 1961, the members of the Museum’s Ladies’ Committee began providing guided tours for adults and school groups. The Association of Volunteer Guides of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts came into being in 1965 and began offering guided tours of temporary exhibitions and the Museum’s collections to visitors.

The Association of Volunteer Guides of the MMFA is under the responsibility of the Museum’s Education and Community Programmes and is represented by an executive that includes a President, Vice-president, Officer for Committees and New Technologies, Officer for Communications and Statistical Analysis and Officer for Communications and Finance.

The Association also organizes exclusive lectures, tours of private collections and cultural trips for its members. Past trips include Chicago, Amsterdam, the Hudson Valley and Rhode Island. The Guides are entitled to attend ongoing training sessions on Mondays from September to April each year. Education and Community Programmes organizes lectures on various topics pertaining to upcoming exhibitions or subjects to help Guides perfect their skills.

This terrific team provides high-quality guided tours that are greatly appreciated by visitors.

· The guided tours provide an overall view of the Museum or focus on specific topics, such as the collection of design, Inuit art or the Middle Ages, to name a few.

· For school groups, four different tours are offered, based on the grade level (elementary to secondary) and the teacher’s interests. These tours are scripted by Education and Community Programmes.

· For adults, college and university students, guided tours of the collection or temporary exhibitions are offered. These tours are prepared by the Guides.

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Educational Programmes Officer – Volunteer Guides