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Creative workshops

Enjoy some family fun time with these creative workshops proposed by our museum mediators!

Félix Vallotton, Mont-Blanc, 1892, gravure sur bois, tiré à 30 exemplaires. Collection particulière

Printing engravings

The artists in Paul Signac’s circle during the Post-Impressionist era in Paris were searching for freedom and independence. They also wanted to make art accessible to all. To this end, some turned to printmaking and experimented with various techniques such as lithography, linocutting, woodcutting and etching. Have you ever tried any printing techniques? Is there a picture you would like to draw a single time and give to several people? The face of a loved one, a holiday memory, your favourite animal?

Paper art

This activity is a tribute to Claude Lafortune, who touched the hearts of an entire generation with his legendary creations.

Gather together a cardboard box, paper, scissors and glue, and create your own paper art together!

© Solene de Bony

ATELIER DE CRÉATION : Le décor de papier | CREATIVE WORKSHOP: Paper art

Still life

Kate Walker, museum mediator at the MMFA, shares a creative workshop for the whole family.

The first-ever museums were composed of treasures that had been gathered over the years by explorers, scientists and collectors. These objects, at times rare and peculiar but always intriguing, were exhibited in cabinets of curiosities.
In among these displays, it was not uncommon to find paintings called still lifes that immortalized a collection’s most handsome items – much like the Jacques Linard work that was today’s inspiration.
Create your own still life at home by gathering some of your everyday objects you want to draw! You will see these subjects in a new light and discover their many hidden secrets…

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