Dear loyal MMFA friends,

We know that many of you are home at the moment.
Given art’s ability to ease the way through difficult times, we will regularly post cultural offerings to brighten your day.
Whether you are alone or many, with or without children, you will find here a variety of topics to entertain yourselves until we can meet again, in the flesh, at the MMFA.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

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ART THERAPY | The natural world

Stephen Legari, art therapist at the MMFA, leads a meditation activity: immerse yourself into a work of art to nourish your inner peace.⁣

Step 1: Read the short text below.⁣
Step 2: Click here and turn up the sound. Then, let your imagination take over. ⁣

The spring sun returns to nourish the living world around us, the buds appear on the trees, the birds return and each day the sun stays a little longer.⁣ While we all work hard indoors, we can let our imaginations travel to the places in nature that matter most to us. ⁣

BEHIND THE SCENES AT THE MMFA | The profession of Conservator

Richard Gagnier, Head of Conservation at the MMFA, gives you an inside glimpse at his profession, the sheer exactingness required to care for the treasures that are our artworks, and his unending passion for his work.⁣
⁣*Please note the interview is in French only.

Art in Education | Resiliency

Introduce the concept of resiliency for your children and young teens. Michèle Viau-Chagnon, EducArt expert and cofounder of Le Phare Enfants et Familles respite care organization, demystifies the notion, which is eloquently illustrated in a work by artist Jim Dine.⁣

Take the exploration further and check out our interdisciplinary project on resiliency specially designed for secondary students on our EducArt website.

ART THERAPY | Sharing the love⁣


There are a thousand ways we can continue to take care of each other from a distance.⁣⁣ Stephen Legari, Art Therapist at the MMFA, shares a creative activity you can do at home:⁣⁣
– Think of someone you’d like to send some encouraging words to.⁣
– Make a postcard using inspiring materials you have on hand – it could be as basic as piece of paper and pencil – and write your message.⁣
– Take a photo of the card with your phone and send it to the person virtually.⁣

The key is to focus on the pleasure of creating. Try not to judge or analyze what you’re doing – it’s about enjoying the process. So, turn off the news, take some time for yourself, and relax.⁣

See the Museum’s masterpieces (almost) as if you were here!⁣

Discover the treasures in our collection! Nathalie Bondil, Director General and Chief Curator of the MMFA, has selected some 30 works from our International and Québec and Canadian art collections.⁣ Take a virtual tour on our mobile app.⁣

At home with the kids? Here’s the perfect podcast to stimulate their creativity: La vie secrète de l’art! (in French only)

It features five original stories invented by children’s author Simon Boulerice based on artworks in the MMFA’s collection.

Free on our mobile app and wherever you download your podcasts.

The podcast La vie secrète de l’art was produced by Magnéto and La puce à l’oreille in collaboration with the MMFA. It has been nominated for a Numix award, which recognizes excellence in Quebec digital media productions.

Discover Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives through the exhibition’s audioguide! 

Travel back to ancient Egypt and uncover the mysteries of mummies with the exhibition audioguide, now available for free on our mobile app. Psst! The app also has an audioguide specially created for children!

Rediscover our collections, exhibitions and much more on our YouTube channel.

From Director Nathalie Bondil’s top-pick cultural activities to interviews with artists, exhibition montages and talks given by experts, our YouTube channel is overflowing with videos that will introduce you to entirely new facets of art.

Learn the fun way: the MMFA’s EducArt platform.

EducArt offers a gateway into the Museum’s collection through various themes and social issues like the heart, the body, cultural diversity, ecology and peace. Adapted to specific elementary and secondary school levels, the platform is accessible for free.


Art is Good for You © Lino

Arthur Lismer, Springtime on the Farm, 1917.⁣ MMFA, purchase, A. Sidney Dawes Fund. Photo MMFA

The profession of Conservator © Judith Gaulthier

Jim Dine, The Heart Called “After the Flood”, 2011. MMFA, purchase, the MMFA’s Volunteer Association Fund and gift in memory of Claire Gohier, from her friends.⁣ © Jim Dine / SOCAN (2020)

MBAM © Solene de Bony

Mummy of Tamut (detail), Third Intermediate Period, early 22nd
Dynasty, about 900 B.C.E., EA 22939. © The Trustees of the British Museum