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WKSHP 15-20

WKSHP 15-20. Photo MMFA

An art studio specially designed by and for young people aged 15 to 20

Conceived by the MMFA in collaboration with the Museum’s Youth Committee and its community organization partners, the WKSHP 15-20 offers the young a place made to measure for them. This hybrid multi-purpose space nestled in the heart of the Michel de la Chenelière Centre for Learning and the Arts allows participants to explore a range of practices from the fine arts to photography including audiovisual creation.

The WKSHP 15-20 provides them with art materials (paints, felt pens, clay, various supports, screen-printing unit, cameras, etc.) and digital tools (computers, printers, projectors, green screen, etc.) to express themselves in their own way. The WKSHP 15-20. also comprises a lounge area, a bookshelf and display surfaces to exhibit artworks of every kind: everything the young people may need to have fun, interact and create in a positive atmosphere.

Group reservations
Community groups working with young people can also reserve this space for free in order to develop creative projects.

Des jeunes devant un écran d'ordinateur. Photo Frédéric Faddoul.


Phone: 514-285-2000
Free of charge: 1-800-899-6873, extention 440

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