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Ecologies: A Song for Our Planet

What impact do we have on our environment? What are the consequences of our actions? This activity gets students thinking about environmental issues as they discover artworks that pay tribute to nature and prompt us to reflect on our planet’s delicate balance.



The class goes to the museum.

120 min

240 $


The class meets with a mediator virtually.

60 to 75 min (one period)

240 $


A mediator comes to your classroom to carry carries out an activity.*
*Certain conditions apply.

60 to 75 min (one period)

280 $



Raise students’ awareness about

  • The beauty and richness of the natural world
  • Earth’s fragile ecological balance
  • The effects of human activities on the environment
Creative activity

  • Create a cyanotype using elements from nature.

In connection with the Broad Area of Learning Environmental Awareness and Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

6 min
Have students watch the video featuring Boucar Diouf on the EducArt platform.

Plant the seeds for a fruitful experience

In advance of your Museum visit, think of ways you can pique your students’ curiosity, arouse their enthusiasm and lessen any nervousness they might have. This is also a great time to establish interdisciplinary connections, if desired.

To explore the topic further

Read the short text on the artwork Flowered Quivers by Paul-Émile Borduas on the EducArt platform.

Planning your visit

We recommend you review the Museum’s code of conduct with your students by referring to our MuseuManners.

illustration of people at the Museum

Get ready for your visit!


The group entrance is located at 2187 Bishop Street.

School bus

If you are coming by school bus, allow extra time for potential traffic congestion.

Métro station

The Museum is a 5-minute walk from the Guy-Concordia Métro station (Guy exit).

Allow sufficient time

Allow approximately 15 minutes for students to be greeted at the entrance, to go to the cloakroom and washroom, and to be divided into groups.

Movement through the galleries

To facilitate movement through the galleries and ensure that everyone gets a good view of the works, each class will be divided into two subgroups composed of a maximum of 15 students (11 for preschool groups). The class will regroup afterward in the workshop, if applicable.

Prohibited items

Backpacks, food, beverages and umbrellas are not permitted in the galleries.

Special measures

In accordance with public health recommendations, the Museum has implemented measures to ensure the safety and well-being of visitors and staff.

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