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Elementary and secondary

Territories and Identities

Do we inhabit a territory, or does the territory live inside us? How do we influence each other? This interactive online encounter provides an opportunity to explore current issues, in connection with the areas of Social Sciences and Personal Development.



The class meets with a mediator virtually.

60 to 75 min (one period)

240 $


A mediator comes to your classroom to carry carries out an activity.*
*Certain conditions apply.

60 to 75 min (one period)

280 $



Raise students’ awareness about

  • Various territories and types of landscapes
  • The exploitation of the land and its resources
  • The identity aspect of a territory
Creative activity

  • Draw a landscape in oil pastels inspired by Marc-Aurèle Fortin’s use of the “black manner” technique*

*The art supplies will be sent by mail (subject to change).


In connection with Identity Development

30 min
Have students watch the video featuring Boucar Diouf on the EducArt platform.

To explore the topic further

Have students compose a short text about a place that makes them feel good. Suggest they describe the place in terms of the five senses (smells, colours, temperature, etc.) and their emotional responses (calmness, safety, solitude, and so on).

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