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Preschool and Elementary (Cycle 1)

Where Did My Glasses Go?

Everything’s a blur for the Director of the MMFA: he left his glasses somewhere in the Museum and now we have to find them! On this interactive stroll interspersed with creative and observation activities, children will have fun discovering what a museum is all about.



The class meets with a mediator virtually.

60 min

240 $


A mediator comes to your classroom to carry carries out an activity.*
*Certain conditions apply.

60 min

280 $



Raise students’ awareness about

  • The role of museums (showcasing and conserving collections)
  • The challenges around displaying works and the richness of each collection
  • The variety of professionals employed in a museum
Creative activity

  • Make a miniature model of the Museum.

In connection with Cognitive Development (Social Sciences)

10 to 15 min
Have students figure out a route from their school to the Museum on a map.

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