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“Archaeologist Laura Vigo says the statue intrigues archaeologists. Personally I think esthetically it’s very appealing — the eye contact is extremely vivid and the elegance of the gesture itself. It’s a bronze cast from the Villa dei Papiri that they discovered very early on in the excavations of the Vesuvian area…It was discovered in one of the peristyles, the colonnades in one of the gardens.”

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CBC NewsPompeii comes to life at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – January 27, 2016
Nuvo Magazine

“You can see how the Pompeians lived until the last minute,”  says archaeologist Laura Vigo of her latest curated exhibit, Pompei,…

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Nuvo MagazinePompeii at the Montreal museum of fine arts - February 10, 2016
Ottawa Citizen

“Paul Gessell visits an ancient civilization that disappeared 2,000 years ago and then was rediscovered centuries later. We’re talking about Pompeii, the Roman colony near Naples buried under several metres of rock and ash in 79 AD amid an eruption of Mount Vesuvius. As time passed, the city was largely written out of history, its very name forgotten. Then, in the mid 1700s, archaeologists slowly began to excavate the site, uncovering stunning revelations about the city’s death throes.”

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Ottawa CitizenDaytripping to Pompeii (in Montreal) - February 19, 2016