Sir William Van Horne’s Japanese Ceramics

From November 20, 2019 to March 1, 2020

Collector and historic patron of the MMFA, Montrealer Sir William Cornelius Van Horne (1843-2915) was one of Canada’s greatest entrepreneurs. He was instrumental in the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway and became its president in 1888. His home in Montreal’s fashionable Square Mile was renowned for its collection of paintings, furniture, and fine objects. Here, we discover his passion for collections, exhibitions, and the study of Japanese ceramics.

The exhibition will show for the first time what remains of Van Horne’s impressive collection of over 1,000 pieces, bringing together about 320 high-quality ceramics now housed at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, The Royal Ontario Museum and private collections.

Credits and Curator

An exhibition organized by the Gardiner Museum, Toronto, in partnership with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. This project is funded by the Government of Canada. Curators: Ron Graham and Akiko Takesue, independent curators, and Laura Vigo, Curator of Asian Art, MMFA.