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Opening of the exhibition Pompeii

The MMFA has officially opening the exhibition in the presence of Professor Stefano Vanacore, director of the restoration laboratory in Pompeii (Soprintendenza Pompei), His Excellency Gian
Lorenzo Cornado, Ambassador of Italy, and Enrico Padula, Consul General of Italy in Montreal, and Filippo Lonardo, Vice-Consul of Italy in Montreal.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) is bringing Pompeii back to life, from February 6 to September 5, 2016, in the largest exhibition ever to be presented in Quebec on this iconic Roman city at the time Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D.

“Anyone who has visited the Pompeii and Herculanum has had the strange and unforgettable feeling of familiarity with their inhabitants, their monuments and their everyday objects. Equally unforgettable are the emotions sparked by the body casts,” said Nathalie Bondil, the Museum’s Director and Chief Curator. “This is why I wanted to create an evocative experience in Montreal, with a unique immersive exhibition that goes beyond the rare artefacts, the precious objects and the many generously loaned items.”

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