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Published on July 15, 2020

Appointment of Mary-Dailey Desmarais backed by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ Curatorial team

Pavillon Jean-Noël Desmarais

The team of professionals that make up the Curatorial Division of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) supports the recent selection of Mary-Dailey Desmarais as Director of the Curatorial Division. In the past several days, her appointment has been the subject of numerous comments, many of which are damaging to her reputation and that of the Museum. These professionals therefore wanted to express their opinion on the matter.

“We feel strongly that Mary-Dailey Desmarais’s outstanding educational background – a PhD in Art History from Yale University – coupled with her experience as curator at the Museum, will make her a valued and trustworthy director of the Curatorial team. Her understanding of the complexity of the institution’s current operations is an undeniable asset. Mary has won our profound respect through her openness to collaborate, her intelligence, her ability to listen and learn quickly, her discretion, her modesty, her integrity and the quality of her scholarly publications. We look forward to helping the MMFA continue its important mission under the curatorial direction of Mary-Dailey Desmarais,” unanimously declared the members of the MMFA’s Curatorial team.

Declaration signed by:

Iris Amizlev, Curator of Intercultural Arts; Carolina Calle Sandoval, Acting Head of Exhibition Administration; Jacques Des Rochers, Curator of Quebec and Canadian Art (before 1945); John Fossey, Emeritus Curator, Mediterranean Archaeology; Richard Gagnier, Head of Conservation; Anne Grace, Curator of Modern Art; Hilliard Goldfarb, Senior Curator – Collections and Curator of Old Masters; Sébastien Hart, Head of Publishing; Erell Hubert, Curator of Pre-Columbian Art; Sylvie Lacerte, Curator of Quebec and Canadian Contemporary Art; Jennifer Laurent, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Decorative Arts; Laura Vigo, Curator of Asian Art

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