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Your donations at work

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Building our future with art

The Museum is a place of inspiration, renewal and wonder, where interactions with art enable everyone to thrive. The MMFA Foundation has launched this year’s annual campaign to raise essential funding to maintain the institution’s rich cultural program and the accessibility of its education and wellness activities, to the benefit of all.

As a non-profit organization, the MMFA relies heavily on donations to pursue its mission.

Target: $750,000

Help the Museum pursue
its cultural and social vocation.

Support the MMFA’s mission by donating to the annual campaign. Donors who give $200 or more can be mentioned by name on the site of the
Du Musée Avenue art installation in summer 2023.

Learn more about Niamh, an installation by Montreal-based artist Doras and presented on Du Musée Avenue throughout summer 2022.

Receive an additional 25% tax credit from the Quebec government for your first large cultural donation.
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Two other ways to donate:
2189 Bishop Street Montreal, Quebec, H3G 2E8

By donating to the annual campaign, you help the Museum:

  • PURSUE its production of major exhibitions and wide-ranging cultural programs.
  • PRESERVE and promote its diverse collection of over 45,000 artworks.
  • DEVELOP educational and wellness activities that benefit the community.
  • MAKE art and its benefits accessible to everyone.
Group of women at an exhibition opening. Photo © Sébastien Roy
Teenagers during a creative activity
Group observing a sculpture
Mediator working with toddlers
Received donations
are allocated as follows:


Exhibitions, collections and programming

Man and child in front of an artwork

Photo Michael Patten


Educational, health and wellness programs


Enrichment and preservation of the collection


Special projects (technological and digital innovations)

Your donations at work

“Throughout the summer of 2022, the touring Artcycle has brought many a smile to people in the parks of Ville-Marie borough, giving children of all ages an introduction to the MMFA as they experiment with and learn how to create art. BLG is very proud to have made this educational and joyful project possible. As the new Chair of the MMFA’s Board of Trustees, and most especially as a donor, I’m honoured to be part of this great philanthropic family. I salute your support, which is so important. Thank you.”

- André Dufour, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the MMFA

Photo of the Artcycle

“The Museum’s Art Kits are absolutely fabulous! It’s a wonderful gift to offer families who, for the most part, come from disadvantaged neighborhoods. This type of project is what’s needed to enable the magic of art to take effect. The kits bring happiness and create lasting memories for the kids. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this outstanding gift.”

- Pascale Hamet, social worker (and former art teacher), CIUSSS du Centre- Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal

Kids playing with the Art Kit
Guilding Shane V.
Mercer William
Danowski Elizabeth M.
Shore Bonnie
Sabourin Jacqueline
Stephen and Lillian Vineberg Family Foundation
Canada Vie
Forest Georges C.
Mirabaud Canada inc.
Tourisme Montréal
A round of applause for all our donors

The following list includes everyone who made a donation of $160 or more in the last 12 months.

See the full list of donors

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is proud to have presented Niamh, a creation by the Montreal-based illustrator, muralist and director Doras, featured on Du Musée Avenue in the summer of 2022.

Inspired by the themes of nature and time present in Nicolas Party’s exhibition L’heure mauve, this installation revisited the Irish legend of Niamh and Oisín in Tír na nÓg, a paradisiacal island that is virtually immune to the ravages of time and where three years equal three hundred on Earth. Niamh invited passersby to reflect on how we come to terms with the passage of time, and aimed to bring an urban public closer to nature.

Niamh also paid tribute to the more than 6,300 donors who generously contributed to the MMFA’s 2021-2022 Annual Campaign, as well as to the partners, volunteers and employees of the Museum and its Foundation. We extend our most sincere thanks to them for their vital support.

Take part

The names of those who donate $200 or more will be inscribed on the site of the Du Musée Avenue art installation in summer 2023.

Additionally, those who donate $500 or more can include a personalized message next to their names.

The installation Niamh on Du Musée Avenue

Did you know?
Since the MMFA is a non-profit organization, it must generate its own revenue to cover most of its operating budget and finance the acquisition of artworks.

To ensure sound governance and optimal financial health of the Museum, the MMFA Foundation adheres to the values of commitment, excellence, solidarity, respect and integrity.

Learn more about the Foundation's governance and its Board of Trustees.

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