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Miura Ken’ya

Portable Incense Burner in the Shape of a Lotus


Miura Ken’ya
Japan 1821 – Japan 1889


Portable Incense Burner in the Shape of a Lotus




Stoneware, painted decoration in polychrome enamel over white slip


12.6 x 25 x 9 cm


Gift of Philip Cheong in memory of Tsun-Han Fan, inv. 2014.157.1-2


Archeology and World Cultures

This portable incense burner stands out in the Van Horne collection, which includes primarily tea ware. It was purchased in New York in 1898 for nine dollars. It was Van Horne’s 828th purchase, as stated in one of his inventory notebooks. Ken’ya was known for his incense burners and recognized in the West as a dignified master potter. His success was related to the contemporary craze for the Rimpa style, which mesmerized so many Western collectors in the 1880s and 1890s, including Van Horne.

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