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The Museum Foundation

Pavillon Jean-Noël Desmarais

Our mission

The Museum Foundation is committed to creating highly effective fundraising campaigns to ensure the continuation of the MMFA’s mission.

By donating to the Campaign of Solidarity, you help the Museum:

  • PURSUE the production of major exhibitions and its cultural programming as a whole.
  • PRESERVE and promote its diverse collection of more then 45 000 artworks.
  • REALIZE educational and wellness activities that benefit the community.
  • TAKE ACTIONS to make art accessible to everyone.
  • SUPPORT the development of digital initiatives to expand access to its exhibitions, collections and various programs.
Group of women at an exhibition opening. Photo © Sébastien Roy

Donations' Impact

Donors of emotions and wellness, you are at the heart of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ accomplishments.

Your generosity allows the MMFA to present world-class exhibitions, ensure the sustainability of its encyclopaedic collection, develop educational and museum therapy programs and ensure that art is accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

The donations received were allocated as follows:


Exhibitions, collections and programming

Members of MMFA's Angel Circle durine Omar Ba's exhibition


Educational, health and wellness programs

families at the Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives. Photo © Sébastien Roy

Photo © Sébastien Roy


Enhancement and conservation of the collection

Members of MMFA's Elite Circle looking at an artwork


Special projects: new pavilions, arts of One World wing

Arts of One World

Photo © Sébastien Roy


Giving is a symbolic and personal act, but it also serves as a bridge between generations. Mr. Schubert believes it is vital not only to encourage the MMFA, which his wife was so fond of, but also to support an institution that needs financial resources for the conservation of its collections and for all the operations associated with its cultural and social functions.

François Schubert


A museum is one of society’s great equalizers: anyone at any age and from any background can visit the Museum and get inspired by the beauty, drama and experiences on display. We chose to support the MMFA to encourage Museum visitors to find joy in its offerings and to benefit from the exchange of ideas, concepts, customs and traditions –engaging ways to evolve as a person and a world.

Rozlyn and Daphne Druckman

Did you know?

Since the MMFA is not a government-run museum, it must self-finance close to 100% of its acquisitions and 60% of its operating costs.

children taking part in an educational activity at the MMFA

In 2020, I did something I consider very meaningful by making a gift to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in my will. As well as providing lasting support to an institution that is dear to my heart, this bequest will keep alive and honour the memory of my father.

Julia Qiwen Zhu

The donor Julia Qiwen Zhu

A member since 1987, Mr. Jan had a deep emotional commitment to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, its collections and mission. With no children of his own when he passed away in 2017 at the age of 94, his whole estate, worth approximately $450,000, was generously gifted to the Museum.

Johannes van Schijndel,

The donor, Johannes Van Schijndel
Bahary Jean-Paul
Zhu Julia
Perras Thérèse
Mouvement Desjardins
Chalaoui, Jean
Billa, Agnès
Latulippe, Nicole
Chéhadé, Albert
Galerie Simon Blais
Fondation Traçons un Chemin
Nguyen, Paul
N’zi, Ange-Cédric
Cormier, Claude
Marchand, Stéphanie
Fournelle, Roger
Druckman, Rozlyn
Mercier, Lise-Andrée
Sabourin, Paul
Abdelhamid, Nahla
Groupe Cirque du Soleil
A round of applause for our donors

This list includes donors who gave $150 or more over the last 12 months. Thank you!

Discover the donors

Discover the names behind the significant donations made by donors whose cumulative contributions amount to $25,000 or more.

View the list of distinguished donors


The power of art is vast and manifests in countless ways. When you give to the MMFA, you help ensure the continuity of the numerous cultural and social activities the Museum offers its publics and the community.

Your Museum is a world-class institution, a major tourism destination, and an important economic player. It literally transforms lives. But, as a non-profit organization, it needs support from all sides to maintain its financial stability. Indeed, its success has been built on the generosity of generations of Montrealers, Quebecers and Canadians. Every gesture contributes to seeing it thrive.

Thank you for your generosity and steadfast loyalty.

Jo-Anne Hudon Duchesne

Director General of the MMFA Foundation

Sound governance statement

To ensure sound governance and optimum results, the MMFA Foundation upholds the following values:

  • Engagement
  • Striving for excellence
  • Solidarity
  • Respect
  • Integrity
Chiaroscuro at the MMFA. Photo Frédéric Faddoul

Board and Committees

Read our management report to learn more about the Foundation’s overall results.

To request management reports or financial statements from previous years, please contact us at

Foundation Board of Trustees
2023-2028 Major Fundraising Campaign
Young Philanthropists’ Circle Committee

The Young Philanthropists’ Circle is an initiative of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Foundation in collaboration with the Circle’s Organizing Committee, which is made up of some twenty volunteer young professionals. It is the mission of the Young Philanthropists’ Circle to support contemporary art at the Museum.

To get involved in the Young Philanthropists' Circle Committee, contact Jeanne Bergeron Brassard at 514-285-1600, ext. 117.
Angel Circle Committee

An initiative of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Foundation, the Angel Circle’s mission is to support major exhibitions and underprivileged families’ access to the Museum.

To get involved in the Angel Circle Committee, contact Camille Kersebet at
514-285-1600, ext. 269 | Cell. 514-210-8344.
Women of Influence Circle Committee

An initiative of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Foundation, the Women of Influence Circle supports the acquisition of works and exhibitions by women artists, as well as access to the Museum for women in need.

To get involved in the Women of Influence Circle Committee, contact Camille Kersebet at 514-285-1600, ext. 269 | Cell. 514-210-8344.

Foundation's Team

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