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Retour en Italie presents : Il Collibrì (with French subtitles)







65 and up
Young adults

Type of activity

Cinéma du Musée


In Person
Thursday January 25, 2024 at 07:30 pm

Original Italian version with French subtitles.

This is the tale of the life of Marco Carrera, known as Colibri` or "the hummingbird": a life of fateful coincidences, loss, and stories of absolute love.

The plot moves forward on the strength of recollections that allow us to leap from one period to another, from one era to another, in a fluid time ranging from the early 1970s to a near future.... > It is at sea that Marco meets Luisa Lattes, a beautiful, unusual young woman – a lifelong love never to be consummated and never to be extinguished. His conjugal life will be a different one, in Rome, with Marina and their daughter Adele.

Marco will be hurled back to Florence by an implacable destiny that subjects him to the harshest tests. He will find Marina’s psychoanalyst Daniele Carradori to protect him and teach him how to accept the most unexpected changes of course.

IL COLIBRÌ is the story of the ancestral force of life, of the arduous struggle we all make to withstand what at times appears intolerable – also by wielding the powerful weapons of illusion, happiness, and good cheer.


>> Special rate 2 for 1 at $14,50 (available at cinema box office only).

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