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Published December 15, 2020

Duane Linklater

Duane Linklater (born in 1976), A Gift from Doreen, 2016-2019, hand-dyed canvas, teepee canvas, blueberry extract, grommets, nails, 274 x 686 x 312 cm (various dimensions). MMFA, purchase, Louise Lalonde-Lamarre Memorial Fund. Photo MMFA, Christine Guest

Born in Ontario in 1976, artist Duane Linklater is a Cree artist from the Omaskêko Ininiwak Nation. His artistic approach explores the physical and theoretical structures of museums in relation to the current and historical conditions of Indigenous peoples and the ties that bind them to their utilitarian and sacred objects. He explores his art through multiple media, such as sculpture, photography, film, video, installation pieces, writing and performance art. un cadeau de Doreen (2016-2019) consists of a teepee canvas that belonged to Doreen, the artist’s neighbour. A storm destroyed the teepee, and Doreen asked Linklater to help her collect the canvas, which she then generously offered to the artist. Linklater displays this offering here to represent an “unmediated” exchange between Indigenous peoples. This piece is the first of this artist’s works to be included in the MMFA’s collection. The public can admire it in the exhibition Riopelle: The Call of Northern Landscapes and Indigenous Cultures.

The Museum gratefully acknowledges the Louise Lalonde-Lamarre Memorial Fund for making this acquisition possible.

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