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A tour to learn about early to modern international art

Our two types of tour provide opportunities for learning about the Early to Modern International Art Collection (from the Middle Ages to the mid-nineteenth century) at your own pace, while at the same time taking full advantage of the expertise of our mediation team.


The class goes to the Museum.

Duration Cost
90 min $180/class*

* Subject to change


How to plan you visit

Types of tour

Guided tour:
This type of tour enables you to see a collection through the expert eyes of our guides, who will offer you a look at it reflecting their unique perspectives and special favourites. Enthusiastically sharing their knowledge about the works, our guides take an approach based on dialogue that encourages young people to give voice to their impressions and exchange their ideas.

Tour with in-gallery support:
While wandering freely through the collection of your choice, you’ll benefit from volunteer guides being on hand who will be able to answer your questions and help you gain an aesthetic appreciation of the works on view.

Raise students’ awareness about

  • Appreciating works of art and cultural objects
  • Exercising critical judgment
  • Examining social phenomena from a historical perspective

15 min
Let students get to know the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ collections by having them explore the Museum’s website.

Planning your visit


The group entrance is located at 2075 Bishop Street.

School bus

If you are coming by school bus, allow extra time for potential traffic congestion.

Métro station

The Museum is a 5-minute walk from the Guy-Concordia Métro station (Guy exit).

Allow sufficient time

Allow approximately 30 minutes for students to be greeted at the entrance, to go to the cloakroom and washroom, and to be divided into groups.


To facilitate movement through the galleries and ensure that everyone gets a good view of the works, each class will be divided into two subgroups composed of a maximum of 15 students (11 for preschool groups). The class will regroup afterward in the workshop, if applicable.

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