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An invitation to slow down

Works of art speak to us—all we have to do is take the time to discover their many facets. We encourage you to slow down the pace a little and make time for contemplation.


Type of activity
Mindful observation

Target audience
General public

2 minutes

"Lux" by Barbara Steinman with the sound of Louise Dupré's words & Joseph Martin's voice
«Lux» de Barbara Steinman au son de « Response One » de Responsio

Lux by Barbara Steinman with the sound of “Response One” from Responsio, after the Messe de nostre dame by Guillaume de Machaut, by Peter-Anthony Togni

"Le canot à glace" by Riopelle with the sound of Yolande Villemaire's words & Joseph Martin's voice
«Le canot à glace» de Jean Paul Riopelle au son de Microclimats n5 de Claude Engel par David Jacques

Le canot à glace by Jean Paul Riopelle with the sound of Microclimats no 5, performed by Claude Engel with David Jacques

"Indian Act" by Nadia Myre with the sound of Diane Regimbald's words & Joseph Martin's voice
«Indian Act» de Nadia Myre au son de Sivulivinivut (« Ancêtre ») de Tanya Tagaq

Indian Act by Nadia Myre with the sound of Sivulivinivut (“Ancestors”) by of Tanya Tagaq

Adrien Hébert with the sound of Micheline Cambron's words and Joseph Martin's voice
Adrien Hébert au son de Intersection de Christine Jensen par Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra

Corner Peel and Sainte-Catherine by Adrien Hébert with Christine Jensen's Intersection performed by the Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra

Dorian FitzGerald with the sound of Jean-Paul Daoust's words and Joseph Martin's voice
Dorian FitzGerald au son de « Ouverture » de Powder Her Face de Thomas Adès avec Almeida Ensemble

Table Decorations, Oprah Winfrey Party for Sidney Poitier by Dorian FitzGerald with the Overture from Thomas Adès' Powder Her Face, performed by the Almeida Ensemble

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