• Photo Jean-Sébastien Lajeunesse

Migrations, inspired by...

From September 9 to November 24, 2019

The Promenade, Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavilion – Level S1

Art is central to the work of the Montreal community organization, Le Centre d’apprentissage parallèle (CAP). CAP supports individuals recovering from emotional or psychological challenges while they re-establish their social and professional lives. As long-standing partners, CAP and the Museum co-create art projects that draw on our collections and exhibitions for inspiration.

These projects offer participants the therapeutic benefits of fully exercising their creative potential. Echoes of this project’s theme, migration, are found throughout the Canadian collections. Project participants worked at length on a painting, incorporating personally symbolic images, expressive colours and eye-catching shapes. Their work resonates with commonly shared day-to-day experiences while revealing plural identities. Thanks to their direct contact with the Museum’s collections, the group’s energy and the ongoing support of artist in residence Claudia Almansa (CAP) and museum mediator Alessandra di Noto, the participants can now proudly share works that express their identities in full, personally meaningful colour.

This exhibition is an important milestone for the participants as they develop an enjoyable quality of life.

The Museum would like to thank all the donors who have made it possible for so many individuals to improve their overall health. Art can clearly do a lot of good.


Youth Fusion: This is Our World
Tomorrow’s Curators Embracing World Cultures

From June 11 to September 15, 2019

J.A. DeSève Gallery, Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavilion – Level S1

In collaboration with Youth Fusion, the Museum is pleased to present this exhibition, which was produced for the BNP Paribas Foundation’s Dream Up program. It is a testament to the creative and artistic universe of the Montreal area students who created it. Referring to works from the Museum’s World Cultures collections, secondary school students from Pierre-Dupuy, Le Vitrail, Chomedey-De Maisonneuve and Académie Dunton have responded to the theme “Our Universe” with their observations and creations. The thought provoking intercultural crossroads these young artists have co-created prompts us to consider the many points of view that coexist in our shared space. For this ambitious large-scale project, the students met with conservationists and educational facilitators to learn about Museum professions while acquiring skills they used to mount an exhibition that lived up to their expectations.

An EducExpo organized by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Youth Fusion, in collaboration with the Commission scolaire de Montréal, as part of the BNP Paribas Foundation Dream Up program.