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Postal Art: Encountering the Other

What makes me who I am? Do we remain the same our whole lives? Does my house reflect my history? These questions and more led 180 elementary and secondary students to explore the theme of identity.

Postal art is a mode of self-expression, a correspondence imbued with artistic flair. In this project, the creative process was explored through the completion of a portrait combining visual arts and poetic writing.

Inspired by works in the Museum’s contemporary collection, the students were guided by artists Elkahna Talbi (Queen KA) and Marianne Chevalier. Together, they juggled words and images in order to create a self-portrait in the manner of artist Dan Brault.

A Montreal School for All is a ministerial programme with the goal of supporting the school and educational success of students from Montreal’s underprivileged neighbourhoods. The creative and cultural projects are designed to provide students with cultural experiences and to foster their participation in Montreal’s cultural and community life. The encounters, exchanges, gallery tours and creative activities that frame these projects equip students with the tools to assume their rightful place in society.

Participating Schools:

  • École La Visitation, Commission scolaire de Montréal
  • École Gilles-Vigneault, Commission scolaire de Montréal
  • Saint Gabriel School, English Montreal School Board
  • École Henri-Beaulieu, Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys
  • École Sainte-Bernadette-Soubirous, Commission scolaire de Montréal
  • École secondaire Joseph-François-Perrault, Commission scolaire de Montréal
  • Photo MMFA

My Museum!

This project enabled three classes of elementary students from Chanoine-Joseph-Théorêt school to attend the Breakfast Club and to enjoy a unique cultural and artistic experience intended to build self-esteem.

The theme My Museum! served as the starting point for a class project in which students assumed the dual roles of creators and curators involved in all facets of the exhibition: they chose their Museum tour as well as their creative project and its installation, and they also wrote the exhibition texts.

The project, spread over three months, aimed to mix up the disciplines – French, Mathematics and Visual Arts – in an educational approach focussed on incorporating culture into the classroom. This exciting venture also had a second, more ambitious goal: entrusting the commissions to the students served as a means to spark their potential, in keeping with the mission of the Breakfast Club, and of filling them with a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. The implicit suggestion? We can all take our destinies into our own hands, whatever our age.