Until January 7, 2018

Location: The Promenade

With a rich history of community involvement serving underprivileged populations, the Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul de Montréal joined forces with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The aim was to support the academic career of young people through Opération Bonne Mine, Saint-Vincent de Paul’s dropout prevention programme, which targets primary and secondary students from low-income environments.

Sharing Our Stories is the result of social encounters around art, recognized as vectors of well-being that help to develop the potential of every human being. Thus, this project combined the potential of students from Adélard Desrosiers school, the expertise of Museum mediators and Volunteer Guides, the knowledge of art therapists, as well as the generosity of volunteers from the Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul de Montréal, who together created the works presented in this Educational Exhibition.

Through the metaphor of a plant’s growth, the participants – students and volunteers alike – discussed and shared their life stories. Museum tours as well as workshops led by the art therapists and supported by the mediators provided the basis for conversations touching on the following questions:

What connects us to our roots, to our respective pasts?

Which of our strengths hold us up, makes us resilient?

What are our dreams?

What grows in our communal garden?

Over the course of seven weeks, the participants shared intergenerational experiences, where the life stories of the volunteers inspired the young students to succeed in their academic and personal lives, and the young people inspired the volunteers to continue to seek out new experiences and encounters.