June 10 to July 31, 2017

The Breakfast Club of Canada and the Museum unite for disadvantaged children

Location: Promenade

For the third year in a row, the Breakfast Club of Canada and the MMFA are working hand in hand to reach young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. This year’s project – My Very Own Museum! – involves three classes of elementary school students who shared a cultural and artistic experience designed to instill in them a sense of accomplishment and boost their self-esteem. Together, the students in each class chose a collection to visit at the Museum and a technique to explore in the studio. Then, they selected the theme to be developed in their exhibition space, designed the installation and drafted the texts and wall labels. What a great opportunity for them to take the stage!


June 8 to August 21, 2017

Building a society without violence through art

Location: J.A. DeSève Exhibition Gallery

LOVE Quebec (Leave Out Violence), which has worked with students to reduce the impact of violence on their lives and community by developing their self-confidence and talent for the past twenty-four years, has once again joined forces with the MMFA. After visiting photography exhibitions and taking part in workshops, young people at risk of experiencing various forms of violence learned about the theory and practice of photography theory and creative writing. This spring, the public will discover their creations as well as those by other young people who have benefited from the services provided by LOVE over the past twenty-four years. By telling the stories of their lives through art, they are sharing their experiences with Montrealers. By exhibiting at the Museum, they are opening doors onto their world.