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EducArt Platform

An interdisciplinary educational tool for Quebec teachers

Do you teach at an elementary or secondary school, love art, and would like to share your enthusiasm with the students in your classes? Then read on!

EducArt gives elementary and secondary school teachers of all subjects the opportunity to explore the Museum’s collection through online educational resources.

Through a cross-disciplinary reading of its encyclopedic collection, the Museum examines seventeen themes and social issues like freedom, the body, peace and cultural diversity.

In this interdisciplinary approach, a community of experts share their viewpoints on works in the collection that go beyond art history:

What does a neuropsychologist have to say about works grouped under the theme of memory?

What can a cardiologist see in those dealing with the heart?

What is a biologist’s view of a work alluding to the environment?

Image of the interdisciplinary resource EducArt

Taking the museum into the school

Each of the seventeen themes developed by the Museum provides a gateway to teaching curriculum content through our artworks and developing projects with students. The goal of this digital platform is to take the museum into the school!

Illustration d'ÉducArt à travers le Québec

This is the most important educational initiative the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has ever embarked on.

Catherine François


A cultural approach to teaching students about living together

EducArt offers a cultural approach to teaching.

With this platform:

  • Works in the Museum’s collection become versatile, inspiring educational resources.
  • A true dialogue is established between art history and current social issues.
  • Students become aware of their role as citizens active in their society.
  • Unifying projects for teaching students how to live together are created.
Image of the interdisciplinary resource EducArt is an online educational initiative designed, produced and digitally distributed by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts thanks to the support of the Fondation Michel de la Chenelière, the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec as part of the implementation of the Plan culturel numérique du Québec, and the Ville de Montréal under the Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal.

Fondation De la Chenelière
Ville de Montréal
Gouvernement du Québec
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