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Planned giving

Did you know that by carefully planning your donations, you can optimize your tax benefits and extend the reach of your philanthropic projects?

Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion. Photo MMFA, Denis Farley.

Why donate to the MMFA?

Planned gift create the future, and the Museum invites you to be part of this journey!

  • The MMFA collaborates with over 450 organizations to help the community
  • The MMFA has one of the most extensive art-museum based educational programs in Canada
  • The MMFA has been sustained over its history by bequests
  • The MMFA is an enduring institution with more than 150 years of history
  • The MMFA is the only Canadian museum to offer an encyclopedic collection of 43,000 works
  • The MMFA transmits its artistic heritage to future generations
How to make a donation?

For more information:

Dalia Younsi
Director - Major Gifts and Planned Giving
Foundation of the Museum of Fine Arts
T. 514-965-3692

Let us hear from you!

Giving to the Museum lets me feel that I’m participating in something bigger. The Museum gave me a desire to share: It allowed me a new lease on life, a way of fulfilling myself.

Yves Fontaine

whose planned gift will give access to education

A museum that defies the passage of time

The Museum has defied the passage of time by handing down a love for art and culture across eight generations. The MMFA is a not a government-run museum but non-profit organization, and must maintain a level of self-financing unequalled in Canada, one that accounts for close to 58% of its annual operating budget. In addition, its artwork acquisitions are almost 100% self-financed.

Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion for Peace
Breakdown of the MMFA’s annual revenues


Self-generated revenues and donations


Quebec government support

Claire and Marc Bourgie Pavilion. Photo MMFA, Denis Farley.

Claire and Marc Bourgie Pavilion
Photo MMFA, Denis Farley.

What if this Rembrandt masterpiece were not at the Museum?

Donations transform the Museum

From yesterday...

In 1949, the Museum received the gift of a masterpiece by the renowned painter Rembrandt. That historic gift was the result of a bequest by Mrs. R. MacD. Paterson, daughter of Montreal banker Richard Bladworth Angus. An avid collector of Old Masters, he gave this emblematic work to his daughter, who later chose to bequeath it to the Museum.

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn, Portrait of a Young Woman

...To today

The most beautiful treasures in our collections have to come to us by way of exceptional people making a gift to the Museum in their wills.

In 2016, the MMFA received two significant bequests. The first, from Margarita Ciurana, helped reinstall the international art collections in the recently inaugurated Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion for Peace. The second donation, from Ginette Trépanier, made possible the acquisition of a powerful work by the contemporary international artist Jean-Michel Othoniel for this new pavilion. Thanks to these devoted members who had provided for a general donation, the Museum was able to fund these two major projects.

At this time of life, I've come to realize that philanthropy brings me the joy that comes with contributing, however modestly, to the well-being of others and of leaving my mark.

Michel Phaneuf

created an artwork acquisition fund in his will
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