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Conference - Frame and Framing in Canada History and funtions

Formal gathering

History and functions of the frame in Canada

The history of framing constitutes a chapter in the history of art, decorative arts and taste.

Whether designed by the artist or commissioned by a gallerist or collector, a frame has several functions: + It protects the surface of an artwork + It provides an aesthetic complement to the work + It showcases the work + It forms a transitional space between the work and its environment

Conference participants

Conference participants. Standing, left to right: Mathilde J. Durand (International Institute for Frame Study), Greg Humeniuk (AGO), Jacques Des Rochers (MMFA), Didier Prioul (Université Laval), Patrice Loubier (UQÀM), Élise Dubuc (Université de Montréal), Richard Gagnier (MMFA) and Daniel Drouin (MNBAQ). Sitting: Janet M. Brooke (independent curator), Anne MacKay (McCord Museum), Claude Payer (CCQ), Laurier Lacroix (UQÀM), Sacha Marie Levay (MMFA) and Charles C. Hill (former curator, NGC).

Absent when the photo was taken: Rémi Bédard, Pascale Galipeau, Alan Klinkhoff and Rosalind Pepall.

The first academic conference on framing in Canada

The first academic conference on framing in Canada took place in October 2014. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts invited sixteen people (restorers, curators and scholars, as well as a framer and a gallerist) to share their experiences and expertise in this field.

The conference presentations were published in the Journal of Canadian Art History and are available online here .

The speakers’ biographies date to the time of the conference.
Laurier Lacroix et Sacha Marie Levay Introduction
Mot de bienvenue Nathalie Bondil
Janet M. Brooke
Claude Payer
Daniel Drouin
Daniel Drouin, Mathilde J. Durand, Janet M. Brooke et Claude Payer Période d’échanges
Laurier Lacroix
Charles C. Hill
Anne MacKay
Charles C. Hill, Anne MacKay et Laurier Lacroix
Jacques Des Rochers
Pascale Galipeau
Gregor Humeniuk
Sacha Marie Levay
Richard Gagnier - Observation
Patrice Loubier
Rémi Bédard
Sacha Marie Levay, Patrice Loubier and Richard Gagnier
Didier Prioul

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