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Irene F. Whittome

Paperworks. Notes de cours d'histoire de l'art 1


Irene F. Whittome
Born in Vancouver in 1942


Paperworks. Notes de cours d'histoire de l'art 1




Wood, various papers, encaustic, pins, powdered pigments, felt pen, graphite, India ink, adhesive tape, Plexiglas, printer's ink, plaster


233.7 x 114.3 x 12.7 cm (9 panels, each)


Gift of Irene F. Whittome, inv. 1994.7a-i


Quebec and Canadian Art

In this installation, multidisciplinary Canadian artist Irene Whittome applies ambiguous markings, erasures, colours and graphic signs to the class notes of an art history student at the Université de Montréal. At first sight, these interventions look like corrections or annotations, but
their meaning is elusive. By reorganizing the notes and altering them with accumulated layers of wax, paper and graphic signs, Whittome leaves material traces of her intervention in the recording of knowledge, while resisting conformity and the restrictions of educational systems.

© Irene F. Whittome / SOCAN (2024)

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