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Blouse (huipil)




Maya K’iche’


Blouse (huipil)


About 1900-1920


Cotton, silk, silver coins


73 x 88 cm


Purchase, gift of F. Cleveland Morgan, inv. 1948.Ac.5


Archeology and World Cultures

Textiles, and in particular elements of dress, are closely linked to the experience and expression of social and personal identities. In Guatemala today, traditional dress is one of the main visual expressions of Maya identity. Combining age-old traditions and new features, it reflects current hybrid realities. The most typical women’s garment is the huipil or blouse. Unfortunately, there is no information available about the individual or individuals who made and wore the one here. The designs embellishing this huipil, characteristic of the Chichicastenango region, depict the cosmos with rays of sunlight at the neckline, and the four points of the compass in the form of rosettes, while zigzags allude to mountains or eagle wings.

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