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Louis Apol

Field near Arnhem (The Velp at Arnheim)


Louis Apol
The Hague 1850 – The Hague 1936


Field near Arnhem (The Velp at Arnheim)




43 x 54.3 cm


William John and Agnes Learmont Bequest, inv. 1909.499


Graphic Arts

Louis Apol was a Dutch painter who specialized in landscapes. Like many members of the Hague School, he sought to capture the picturesque quality of the countryside. Between 1886 and 1892, Apol left his native The Hague to live in Roosendaal, a town near Arnhem, in the eastern Netherlands. This area was celebrated in the nineteenth century for its scenic views. While living there, Apol painted this watercolour, which features a shepherd surrounded by his flock advancing down a path lined with trees. Historically, the medium of watercolour was a popular choice for botanical illustrations and topographical surveys. Highly portable and quick-drying, watercolour paints made it easy for artists to work en plein air.

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