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Geneviève Cadieux

Elle et Lui


Geneviève Cadieux
Born in Montreal in 1955


Elle et Lui




2 chromogenic prints mounted on Plexiglas, 1/2


195.5 x 156.4 x 6.3 cm (left panel), 195.6 x 156.4 x 6.3 cm (right panel)


Gift of W. Bruce C. Bailey in honour of Stéphane Aquin, inv. 2003.104.1-2


Graphic Arts

The difficulty of dialogue, broached in my previous work by the repeated form of the diptych, now declares itself in Elle et Lui as a final attempt at communication between a man and a woman. The two abstract voices of the figures - two actors in the abstract, aphonic site of the photographic image - reach the spectator and yet without really reaching him, because it's a question of failure here: the common space where the comprehension of two beings could come about is not there, has not been photographed. And it is precisely in this brutal lack of the image that the unnameable resides. The failure provokes the rupture of the conventional, linear narrative thread. We are in-between words, in-between of that which is offered by the blank and the void.

Texte de Geneviève Cadieux pour l'exposition Repères : art contemporain canadien. Dix ans d'acquisitions, juin 2004.

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