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Michel Parent

Opulence désenflée Chair


Michel Parent
Born in Cornwall, Ontario, in 1969


Opulence désenflée Chair




Recycled chair, inner tubes, leatherette, linen thread


97 x 44.5 x 53.5 cm (approx.)


Purchase, the Canada Council for the Arts' Acquisition Assistance Program and T. R. Meighen Family Fund, inv. 2009.41


Decorative Arts and Design

Designer and sculptor Michel Parent creates functional objects from recycled, re-used and rehabilitated materials, including metal, plastic, rubber, textiles, tools and broken toys. Using the traditional techniques of weaving, sewing and forging, he gives new meaning to discarded objects by transforming them into playful sculptural works that push the boundaries between art and design while maintaining their functionality. Parent’s Opulence désenflée uses a vintage classroom chair made from wood and metal as its point of departure, over which the designer places a sewn tufted leatherette cover composed of air chambers, resulting in the creation of a form reminiscent of a Louis XVI medallion chair. Underlining the juxtaposition of a traditional symbol of royal opulence with the use of recycled materials as the basis for the creative process, this exercise in transformation presents us with an irreverent commentary on contemporary society and its insatiable appetite for luxury.

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