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Auguste Renoir, Richard Guino

Fire, Little Blacksmith or Little Shepherd


Auguste Renoir
Limoges 1841 – Cagnes-sur-Mer 1919

Richard Guino
Gerona, Spain, 1890 – Antony, France, 1973


Fire, Little Blacksmith or Little Shepherd


Between 1914 and 1916 (cast after 1919)


Bronze, edition of 10


31.1 x 30.5 x 19.7 cm


Cast C. Valsuani, Paris


Gift of Philippe and Michèle Stora, inv. 2012.208


Western Art

Without referring to past works by the painter, Renoir and Guino conceived two nudes sculpted along the theme of the elements: pendants representing water and fire. The popular yet timeless figures, recognized for their respective attributes, are treated with all the naturalism of a study from nature: Water with the features of a laundress rinsing out her laundry, and Fire, here, personified by a blacksmith, a simple tradesman before his brazier. The blacksmith is seated on a flat stone. His youthful air, long curly hair and loose-fitting clothing worn draped over one shoulder lend him the appearance of a shepherd. In one hand, he holds a hammer, and in the other he heats the iron in a small fire pit in which flames flare. He hunches over his work, back rounded, neck bent, attentive. The movement is fluid, the volumes full and rendered with ease.

© Estate of Richard Guino / SOCAN (2024)

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