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Jocelyne Alloucherie

Sables rouges
From the series "Climats"


Jocelyne Alloucherie
Born in Quebec City in 1947


Sables rouges
From the series "Climats"


2010, print 2014


Ink-jet prints from scanned images on polyethylene (Tyvek), 2/2


259 x 152.6 cm (each of the 7 panels)


Printer: PhotoSynthèse, Montreal


Gift of Jocelyne Alloucherie, inv. 2018.364.1-7


Graphic Arts

Jocelyne Alloucherie’s discourse is not directly related to an engagement with ecology, but her choice to incorporate sand (a recurring element in her work since the 1970s) in the process of making the series Climats invariably connects Sables rouges to our changing environment. She acknowledges that: “the works translate current preoccupations with climate. However, they remain metaphorical and denounce nothing; they should only be disquieting and generate a few questions.” To create this monumental ensemble, the artist combined scanning with photography, blowing sand onto images of clouds, replicating its patterns of movement in nature until she achieved these novel landscapes. The performance-based aspect of her actions mimicking wind compound the concept and effect of human-made interventions on the land, producing an environment imbued with fictive climates that echoes an active yet impermanent substance in flux.

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