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Jan de Beer

The Annunciation (left)
The Adoration of the Shepherds (centre)
The Flight into Egypt (right)


Jan de Beer
Antwerp about 1475 – Antwerp about 1536


The Annunciation (left)
The Adoration of the Shepherds (centre)
The Flight into Egypt (right)


About 1510-1530


Oil on wood


90 x 31.2 cm (left panel), 88.4 x 70.2 cm (central panel), 90.1 x 30.9 cm (right panel)


Purchase, Special replacement fund, inv. 1975.13


Western Art

De Beer is first mentioned in 1490 in the register of the Antwerp Guild of Saint Luke, as an apprentice to the painter Van Everen. He became a master and subsequently serving as alderman of the guild and dean. This triptych is typical of the Antwerp school’s innovations, combining Gothic and Renaissance architecture, idealized figures with a northern Gothic specificity of drapery and crowded groupings, and rocky, northern landscape settings. Long, narrow facial features, small eyes and animated drapery are among the stylistic characteristics of de Beer’s work. These three panels focus on the Incarnation and early life of Christ, with classical sculptural decorations alluding to the fall of paganism. De Beer and his workshop produced multiples examples of the Annunciation and Adoration.

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