From May 12, 2018 to September 16, 2018

The MMFA will highlight contemporary creations by Black Canadians. Here We Are Here: Black Canadian Contemporary Art invites reflection through commissions or works by a dozen artists of African Canadian origin. Reviewing the deep-rooted histories associated with Black Canadians, the exhibition confronts the visitor with the persistence of the narratives. It examines the place of this community in our society through the multiple expressions of voices and perspectives. Touching on current and historical interpretations of black culture and identity in Canada, issues of inclusion and belonging to a community are explored.

This exhibition created by the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) comprises creations by Canadian artists Sandra Brewster, Michèle Pearson Clarke, Chantal Gibson, Sylvia D. Hamilton, Bushra Junaid, Charmaine Lurch, Esmaa Mohamoud and Gordon Shadrach. The Montreal edition will also include works by Quebec artists, including Manuel Mathieu.

An exhibition presented at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, created and curated by the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).

Esmaa Mohamoud, Untitled (No Fields), 2018.
Courtesy of Georgia Scherman Projects and the artist