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Published on September 24, 2021

The MMFA and its donors: stories of the heart

The MMFA and its donors: stories of the heart. Credit: Deux Huit Huit

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Foundation launches today its 2021-2022 Campaign of Solidarity, The MMFA and its donors: stories of the heart. This past year has brought a heightened awareness of the importance of art in our lives, but it has also highlighted the difficulties faced by our cultural institutions, particularly not-for-profit organizations such as the MMFA. Conscious of this reality, this year our donors open up about their history and their close bond with the MMFA as they take part in a major Campaign of Solidarity aimed at ensuring the continuity of its mission for generations to come.

Supporting the campaign The MMFA and its donors: stories of the heart, helps the Museum: PURSUE the production of major exhibitions and its cultural programming as a whole PRESERVE and promote its diverse collection of some 45,000 artworks REALIZE educational, wellness and art therapy activities that benefit the community TAKE ACTIONS to make art and its benefits accessible to everyone SUPPORT the development of digital initiatives to expand access to its exhibitions, collections and various programs upport helps nourish the hope of the Museum and its communities for a future filled with art.

The 2021-2022 Campaign of Solidarity reflects the Museum’s purpose and role in the community. It will enable the MMFA to continue to be a key player in the development of culture and a driving force in cultural, social and economic life. By contributing to the 2021-2022 Campaign of Solidarity, donors will be helping to raise Quebec’s profile through art while enriching our society.

Giving: your generosity is crucial It is possible to contribute to the campaign online, at

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