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General Public: $60
Museum Members: $51
34 or under: $30

Bourgie Hall presents

Stile Antico - The Prince of Music: Palestrina in the Eternal City

Early Music

The prestigious British ensemble Stile Antico marks the 500th anniversary of Palestrina's birth. A central figure of Renaissance polyphony, Palestrina is closely associated with the splendours of the papacy and the great churches of Rome.

General Public: $60
Museum Members: $51
34 or under: $30

Wednesday April 2, 2025 at 07:30 pm


Stile Antico


JOSQUIN Salve Regina  
ARCADELT Pater noster
LASSUS Musica Dei donum
VICTORIA Trahe me post te
ANERIO Christus factus est
ALLEGRI Christus Resurgens
Cheryl FRANCES-HOAD New work, commissioned by Stile Antico
Sicut cervus
Tu es Petrus
Nigra sum sed Formosa
Credo (Missa Papae Marcelli)
Super flumina Babylonis
Peccantem me quotidie
Gioia m'abond'al cor
Surge propera amica mea
Cantantibus organis
Exultate Deo
Laudate Dominum a 12

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