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High School

Points in Space

What is our place in this enormous universe? What is the meaning of existence? What impact do others have on our lives? These are basic questions that contemporary artists address in works that will move and amaze your students and get them to think.


Workshop option
60-min tour + 60-min creative activity

Fee for Workshop option

Exploration option
60-min tour + 30-min creative activity

Fee for Exploration option

Like to stay longer?
We also offer a full-day Museum package for $450.

Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion for Peace at 2075 Bishop Street


514-285-2000, option 5

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Topics explored

  • Our place in the universe
    Students will discover works that look at the place of humans in the world.
  • The search for meaning
    Students will discover works that address existential issues.
  • Relationships with others
    Students will appreciate works that address the concepts of freedom, culture, and the need for others.
The tour

Students will explore specific themes during an interactive tour developed around artworks in the International Contemporary Art collection.
Throughout the tour, the students will participate in different theme-based activities:

  • Interactive discussions based on the students’ point of view
  • Reflection and association activities
Creative activity

Workshop option
Students will experiment with the concepts discussed during the tour and think about the primary shapes that make up the universe by experimenting with Suminagashi (floating ink) designs.
Materials used:

  • India ink
  • Water
  • Paper

Exploration option
Students will experiment with the concepts discussed during the tour and reflect on their place in the universe by creating a constellation by punching holes in and drawing on black cardboard.
Materials used:

  • Black cardboard
  • Thumbtacks
  • Oil pastels
The learning progression

With its encyclopedic collection, the Museum is the perfect place to reflect on ethical issues, examine history, be open to cultural diversity, and develop critical thinking. Beyond artistic discovery, students will build their understanding of the world at the Museum.
In this activity, the children will specifically learn to:

All cycles

Personal development

  • Reflect on ethical issues: concepts of freedom, tolerance, justice, human ambivalence
  • Practise dialogue: ways to develop or question a point of view
  • Concepts surrounding existential questions: human freedom: free will, predestination, fatalism


  • Identify (1st cycle) or analyze (2nd cycle) ideas and concepts
  • Name and situate (1st cycle) or analyze (2nd cycle) a visual repertoire and cultural considerations
  • Appreciate works of art and cultural objects of artistic heritage
  • Produce personal works of visual art

1st cycle (Secondary 2)

Social sciences

  • A new vision of humanity: art, criticism, humanism, individual, freedom

Secondary 5

Social sciences

  • Western cultural space: community life, culture, diaspora, individualism, multiethnicity

Science and Technology

  • Earth and space: knowledge of astronomical phenomena
Go more in depth

EDUCART is an interdisciplinary pedagogical tool for Quebec teachers that was designed by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Among the many works featured on this platform, we suggest you consult Teoría by Eduardo Basualdo on the theme of the fragility of the universe.

Planning your visit

We recommend you review the Museum’s code of conduct with your students by referring to our MuseuManners.

illustration of people at the Museum

Planning your visit


The group entrance is located at 2075 Bishop Street.

School bus

If you are coming by school bus, allow extra time for potential traffic congestion.

Métro station

The Museum is a 5-minute walk from the Guy-Concordia Métro station (Guy exit).

Allow sufficient time

Allow approximately 30 minutes for students to be greeted at the entrance, to go to the cloakroom and washroom, and to be divided into groups.


To facilitate movement through the galleries and ensure that everyone gets a good view of the works, each class will be divided into two subgroups composed of a maximum of 15 students (11 for preschool groups). The class will regroup afterward in the workshop, if applicable.

Activities led by museum staff

To book an activity with an MMFA guide or mediator, you must contact us at least three weeks in advance. The earlier you book, the greater your choice of activities.

Self-guided tours of the collections

You can also organize your own group tour to the Museum’s collections. Please contact us to book a time (availability will vary according to our program schedule). Restrictions may apply to the number of participants and access to the collections. During your visit, you are responsible for supervising the behaviour of your students and ensuring the safety of the artworks.
Please note that self-guided group tours are not permitted for the major exhibitions.

Partner teacher
Free access for elementary and secondary school teachers!

For many years, we have offered free access for elementary and secondary students, as part of our Partner Teacher program. Interested? Please contact our department to be added to this special list!

Group rates

The prices listed apply to classes of 30 students or less (primary or secondary level), as well as to groups of 22 children or less (kindergarten, preschool or day care). Please note that the price is a group rate and does not reflect the exact number of children.

Adjustments to pricing

Every day, our team goes all out to welcome you and your students under the best possible conditions. To deal with peak visitor periods, especially for the Museum’s major exhibitions, we have reviewed our experiences, from free activities to a custom workshop for $260.

Confirmation and invoicing by email

You will receive a confirmation letter and invoice by email. Please verify the information in these documents carefully. Payment in full can be made ahead of time or on the day of the activity.

Reservation modifications

We will do our best to accommodate change requests, depending on their nature. Please note that no changes to the number of students are accepted less than 12 business days before the activity.

Cancellation policy

Cancellations are accepted by phone only and can be made free of charge up to 12 business days before the scheduled event. You will then be issued a confirmation number. Cancellations or changes are not accepted within 12 business of the event, and the activity will be billed in full.

Planning your visit

To facilitate the arrival process and avoid wasting precious activity time, we strongly recommend you organize your student groups ahead of time. Each class must be divided into two teams of a maximum of 15 students (11 students for preschool groups). Each subgroup must be accompanied by one adult. The Museum mediator or guide will lead the tour.

We recommend you review the Museum’s code of conduct with your students by referring to our MuseuManners.

Directions and entrance

School buses
A reserved drop-off and parking area is located on Bishop Street.

Public transit
Guy-Concordia metro station (green line), 5 minutes from the Museum by foot; Bus 24, on Sherbrooke Street West – Bishop Street stop (eastbound) and Redpath Street (westbound)

Unless otherwise specified, the group entrance is located at 2075 Bishop Street.

Eating area

The Museum has a designated room where students can eat snacks or cold meals.
Please note that, for health reasons, students may eat in the workshop room reserved for the activity.

Prohibited items

Backpacks, food, beverages and umbrellas are not permitted in the galleries.

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