The mission of Arte Musica is to implement musical programming within the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. From concerts in connection with the exhibitions to family shows, in addition to jazz, world music and musical workshops, Arte Musica offers a vast array of high quality events, to be enjoyed by music lovers and neophytes alike. Its diverse activities are made possible by the commitment and generosity of Pierre Bourgie and the outstanding work of Isolde Lagacé, the Artistic and General Director.

Arte Musica presents its 9th season at Bourgie Hall
"We grow in our conviction that anyone who wishes to experience live music will find it in unparalleled wealth and variety at Bourgie Hall"
  • Testimonials

    We really enjoyed last night – I mean, really enjoyed it. This is not the mere routine flattery that performers extend to organisations. A special evening, a great hall and a lovely audience.

    Donald Greig, The Orlando Consort
  • Testimonials

    We had such a good time there and really enjoyed playing for such a warm and concentrated audience.

    Catherine Manson, violinist, London Haydn Quartet
    Opus Prize 2011-2012

    Concert of the year: Medieval, Renaissance, baroque and classical music

    Specialized Broadcaster of the year
    A series of videos produced by the Arte Musica in collaboration with Fabrique Culturelle
  • Isolde Lagacé
    General and Artistic Director
    514-285-1600, ext. 244
  • Sophie Laurent
    Associate Artistic Director
    514-285-1600, ext. 352
  • Miguel Chehuan
    Administration Manager
    514-285-1600, ext. 460
  • Laurine Pierrefiche
    Administration and Box Office Assistant
    514-285-1600, ext. 634
  • Raphaële Goldenberg
    Communications Manager
    514-285-1600, ext. 138
  • Alita Kennedy-L'Ecuyer
    Marketing Manager
    514-285-1600, ext. 637
  • Julie Olson
    Communications and Marketing Assistant
    514-285-1600, ext. 471
  • Trevor Hoy
    Concert Programme Manager
    514-285-1600, ext. 116
  • Nicolas Bourry
    Production Manager
    514-285-1600, ext. 762
  • Roger Jacob
    Technical Director - Bourgie Hall
    514-285-1600, ext. 761

Pierre Bourgie, president

Carolyne Barnwell, secretary

Paula Bourgie, administrator

Pascale Chassé, administrator

Michelle Courchesne, administrator

Philippe Frenière, administrator

Paul Lavallée, administrator

Diane Wilhelmy, administrator